MedstoGo Prescriptions

Order, pay and get your meds delivered

Placing an order is simple, via a pre-populated order form, where the most common medicines can be found. You can select from tablets, capsules or a syrup as well as indicate a preference for generic medicines. The order feature also allows you to select the dependant (such as a spouse, parent or child already on your medical aid). Notes can be added to tell the pharmacist more about your medicinal requirements.

Multiple medicines can be ordered, with delivery taking place to your home, place of work, or other designated address.

Where a co-payment is required, this is done in the app either via credit card or EFT in a secured environment.

We offer same day delivery depending on cut-off times.

In-app notifications and e-mail notifications are standard.

More than just meds

If you need any item you would expect to find in a pharmacy, from healthcare, beauty, wellness and a variety of small convenience items, simply add them to your list in the app, we pack it all and bring it to you.

Send messages to pharmacist or doctor

The MedsToGo app contains in-app messaging functionality so that you can message the pharmacist directly if you need to.

MedstoGo History

One place for all your data and meds orders

Imagine going on holiday, visiting a doctor and having to explain your entire medical history all over again. Or visiting a pharmacy and trying to remember what medication you recently took for the same symptoms. With MedsToGo, your medical history and medicine orders are stored in a single repository for ease of reference

Purchasing medication on behalf of other family members or friends

Family members (not on your medical aid) can order their medication in-app, and note that they accept sponsorship of their medicines. You can login and pay for their medication in-app and this ensures the necessary medication is delivered to the timeously.