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Of course not! You live in South Africa, the sunniest of sunny places. You couldn’t possibly be low on Vitamin D. Or could you…? As it turns out, many of us may secretly be low on this essential vitamin without knowing it. Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system, as well as bones and muscle. Now, more than ever, you should ensure that you and your family have sufficient levels of

Vitamin D.

You may lack Vitamin D if:

  1. You get sick a lot
  2. You’re always tired
  3. You have chronic bone or muscle pain
  4. Your injuries aren’t healing properly
  5. You’re depressed for no reason

You’re most at risk if:

  1. You’re over 60
  2. You’re vegan
  3. You’re not getting at least 10 minutes of sunlight a day if you’re light skinned, and at least 20 minutes of sunlight a day if you’re dark skinned. Remember, you need direct skin exposure, without clothing or sunscreen
  4. You don’t eat much dairy or fish
  5. You’re overweight

Tempting as it is to self-diagnose, you should have a blood test done by your GP to see if you do need more Vitamin D. If you’re found to be low, first try getting more sun. If this isn’t possible, you can try supplements. And as always, you can get them conveniently delivered, straight to your door, with MedsToGo.



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