Nothing ruins a day on the beach like the sudden panicky realization that you’ve forgotten your meds. The schlep of hauling off to the nearest pharmacy, which could be anywhere in this unfamiliar place, is made even better by the accusatory looks from your family and friends. But it’s really not your fault.

Holidays, as great as they are, are a complete disruption of your normal day. And a melting pot of factors that increase the likelihood of forgetting to stock up/pack/or take your meds:

  1. Your normal activity is disrupted

So, the things you rely on as reminders aren’t there. For example, you might habitually take your meds after breakfast. On holiday, you could well be skipping breakfast to lie in a bit. Completely understandable.

  • You have other things on your mind

In the last minute rush of checking that you have all the essentials (like underwear, socks, and phone chargers), you can be forgiven for forgetting that little pack of pills on your dresser.

  • You’re in relaxation mode

Ordinarily, your brain would be in To Do mode, carefully storing and executing all the things you need to do during the day – including taking your medication. On holiday, your brain may be taking its foot off the pedal too, causing you to forget your meds.

Now that we understand the problem, let’s talk about the solutions:

  1. Don’t panic

With MedsToGo, you can have your meds delivered to you wherever you are in South Africa. You don’t even have to remember the names of your medication. Once you’ve loaded your script once, we’ll have all your information stored. Then it’s just a matter of a few clicks, and we’ll get your medication to you – maybe not right to the beach, but definitely to your beach house.

  • Make a new routine

Humans are creatures of habit, and even on holiday, you’ll find yourself settling into patterns. Start pegging your medicine-taking to something you do every day. For example, if you like having your coffee at the window, move your pill box to the window sill and get in the habit of taking your medication while enjoying the view.

  • Set reminders

No matter what else you may or may not forget, you will have your phone with you at all times – guaranteed. Set reminders for yourself to take your meds, so your brain can take a break. 

As anyone who’s had to live through this year will attest, 2020 has been one heck of a tough year. You deserve this holiday. So, don’t let missed meds ruin it. Get all your meds and more delivered straight to your door, wherever your door is this December.



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