5 easy tips for remembering to take your meds

If you’re one of the millions of people who forget to take their meds – don’t feel bad. Research shows that almost 50% of us forget to take our meds at least once a month. And 75% of us aren’t even taking our medication correctly!

The costs to our health (and our wallets) for missing meds can get pretty serious, so try these 5 easy tips to help you remember:

  1. USE A PILLBOX: By distributing your meds into allocated compartments, you can easily keep track of when you last took them, and when you’re due to.
  2. KEEP A SCHEDULE: Try allocating a time when you always take your medication e.g. 8pm is meds time.
  3. PEG YOUR MEDS TO AN ACTIVITY: Develop a habit of taking your meds after a routine activity e.g. first thing after waking, or straight after dinner, or after brushing your teeth. 
  4. SET REMINDERS: Make a note on your physical calendar, or on your phone, or download an app that sends you reminders for your next dose.
  5. KEEP IT VISIBLE: You know the saying ‘Out of sight, out of mind’? It applies to your meds too. Keep them on the kitchen counter or on your bedside table where you can’t miss them.

Of course, you can’t take your meds if you’ve run out of them.


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